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Flighty is designed for travelers.

Flighty is a new generation travel app, elegantly designed with the passenger top of mind. The app was launched in 2019 by Ryan Jones and a global team of developers. Flighty was named an Editor’s Choice app by Apple within days of launch.

Flighty is beautifully and seamlessly designed to display key flight details. It shows just the right amount of information, and that’s why Flighty is loved by passengers and pilots alike.

  • Flighty automatically ingests your future and historical flights from your calendar.
  • A passenger’s flights are displayed on the very first screen, informing you of how many days away from travel you are.
  • The app intelligently transitions through 15 distinct stages of a travel day to show only and exactly what you need at each step:
    • Countdown to your trip (up to 365 days in advance)
    • At day 10, the weather outlook is added
    • At 24 hours, your booking code for check-in
    • Live tracking begins, showing delays and your gate number
    • During boarding time, see your seat number
    • Progress bar while in flight
    • Arrival gate and baggage claim upon landing
    • It also can show a friend or family member’s flight details at a glance.

Flighty shines for those that fly.

Available in the App Store

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Members of the media may contact Flighty via [email protected].

2022 Year in Review Passport

Flighty Passport let users view and share their mileage, map and other fun stats about their year above the skies. The black light ink gives it extra sparkle.